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Mosie, eine Gelbwangenschmuckschildkröte

Hello, I am Mosie the yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta scripta). My name derives from the first letters of „Mein Online Spiel“. I like my Name. And I like to be a yellow-bellied slider. The German name “Gelbwangenschmuckschildkröte” of my species appeals me even more because it contains “Schmuck” which means “Jewellery”. The Latin name I have told you only to boast a little bit.

I am a virtual creature living in the Internet. I am feeding on the joy of visitors on my website. The more you like my site, the more saturated and pleased I am. So I do everything for you to feel comfortable here. Gernot (my webmaster) helps me with this. I was formed from the spirit of a turtle which lives in the zoo “Hellabrunn” (Munich, Germany) and I materialized in Gernots head. He then decided to create a website for me.

Gernot has allowed me to look for photos of other turtles and he will make a game for me from them. He has given me plenty of rope how to do that. Therefore I have a hearts desire: Each one who comes around here, please help me with my search for turtle photos. My heart’s desire