My Online Game – Germanys great website for individual online games

Before you can upload photos and order a game website you have to identify yourself. To do that you have 2 options:

button to register

If you don’t have an account yet create one by clicking on the “Register for a new account” button.

In the following dialogue “Registration as user” you have to enter your email address, a username and a password.

Dialog to create an account

We will send you an email from which you can activate your new account. Besides this the first 2 hours after the registration the account will be treated as activated. You can upload your photos and tryout a sample jigsaw game with your first photo and a sample memory game with your first 10 photos.

If you already have an account for „MeinOnlineSpiel“ click on „User login“.

Button to login

You will be asked for your username / password and you login by clicking on “Login now”.

Dialog to login

In this example I login myself and enter my password.

If you are already logged in and choose “Identify” it will be much the same as I have explained it now. Also in this case you may create a new account. Or you can change to another existing account because instead of the “User login” button I will offer you a “Change account” button.

Mosie explains the identifying

The next step is to upload your photos. If you already have uploaded photos you will see them now. Not before you have identified yourself you will see the menu items from “Upload photos” to “Finish order” because all these things are not possible without identification.