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Mosie erklärt die Testspiele

Here are some test games, so you can get an impression from them. Simply click on one of the buttons beside or embedded in the text and you immediately can start to play.

Birds: Gernot likes to photograph birds and has built a game of his collection. Not everything appeals me. A white peacock on a green meadow is a little bit dull. I told him, he should paint some colourful spots on them. But he doesn’t want to do this.

Screenshot from the bird game

Beanielings: Beatrice (Gernots wife) hat a collection of little stuffed animals (Beaniebabies or Beanies). She fondly photographed them and made a game from the photos. I wish to have more from this stuff on my website. Somebody takes her camera and takes pictures of things she likes very much. This brings the same fun to the people who play the games and look at the photos.

Screenshot from the Beanielings game

Do you see the little turtle? Find all 3 tutles which are in this game. To solve this you have to play the game several times. What are the names of that turtles?

Tasmania: The traveller Peter „O“ P. her has composed a game from the pictures of his Tasmania journey. The game is easy because it consists of only 16 cards. It is beautiful to look on the pictures. I am a sea turtle, therefore the photos of the beach appeals most to me. One of my favourites is beach kangaroo. The night wallaby also is very cute.